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Pregnancy & Postpartum Care


Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

Modern research views acupuncture to be a safe modality during pregnancy when performed by an experienced and licensed practitioner. Acupuncture may be used to assist with many complaints during pregnancy. We aim to support you as your body goes through many changes during your pregnancy.

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Morning sickness – nausea and vomiting
  • Heartburn and digestive issues
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Fatigue
  • Postnatal depression
  • Postnatal depletion

It is advised that women come for pre-birth treatments from 36 weeks onwards. When administered before labour, acupuncture may promote a smooth transition to natural labour and reduce the need for medical interventions such as induction and cesarian section.


We offer acupuncture for the following:

  • Breech presentation
  • Labour induction
  • Pre-birth treatments
  • Acupressure for labour and delivery


View Labour induction research link here – 29890286/ and here

Postpartum depletion is a common occurrence as mothers often have little time for self-care while juggling work, social commitments, and caring for children. Depletion of certain nutrients such as vitamin B12, iron, selenium, zinc, and iodine as well as specific proteins and amino acids can leave women nutritionally depleted and fatigued. When lacking specific nutrients other issues can arise such as hormonal imbalance, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and extreme fatigue. Our focus is to incorporate strategies to assist mothers in regaining health and energy by ensuring adequate nutrition, balancing hormones, and calming the mind.

Mother Warming is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy that has been used traditionally to replenish blood and qi (energy) and restore vitality in women after the strenuous event of labour. Moxibustion (heat therapy) is administered to the lower abdomen and sacral regions. The application of moxibustion is said to promote healing and recovery as well as warming the uterus to promote healthy future menstruation and gynaecological health.

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