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IVF support


IVF Support

Acupuncture has been used as a successful adjunct to IVF and IUI procedures in fertility clinics around the world to increase pregnancy outcomes. It is now understood that not only does acupuncture benefit the outcomes of IVF,  it also has the ability to reduce treatment-induced stress levels associated with fertility treatments and medications.

Recent studies and clinical trials have found acupuncture significantly improves the chances of conception in women undergoing IVF treatments. The mechanisms by which acupuncture is thought to be effective include:

  • Balancing hormones via regulation of hypothalamic-pituitary–ovarian axis
  • Improving blood flow and circulation to the uterus and ovaries
  • Reducing the effects of stress and anxiety which are known to impact health

The number of acupuncture treatments is influential in these studies. The effectiveness of acupuncture is dose dependant, therefore a series of treatments is usually required for beneficial effects.

We recommend receiving acupuncture twice weekly in the month leading up to your transfer to increase IVF success rates (ideally after a pre-conception care program). However, if you are currently undergoing preparation for IVF we can work with where you are at in your cycle. IVF support pre and post-transfer involves treating patients the day before or day of embryo transfer followed by a second treatment the day after transfer.

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